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Beulr is on a mission to free you from your screen by building AI systems that work for you to make you more efficient.

Hours Transcribed

Beulr enables companies and individuals to harness the power of productivity to maximize efficiency and results.

Even though the average professional spends upward of 20 hours every week in a meeting, there are still no dedicated solutions for recording, transcribing, storing, sharing, cataloging, searching and archiving online meetings… until now.

About Beulr

Beulr at its heart is an artificial intelligence-powered platform that takes online meetings to the next level. Most online meetings happen and then evaporate… with a lot of valuable information and insight lost forever. The ultimate effectiveness of an online meeting becomes dependent on participants’ notes and recollections. So much gets lost which greatly reduces productivity and, indeed, the entire purpose meetings.

Beulr changes all that.

Studies show recordings and transcriptions of meetings greatly improve the ability to retain and use information, focus and successfully enact on next steps. Add in the ability to search and sort meetings and this means less wasted time, better productivity and improved results. That is the mission of Beulr.

this isn’t a joke – it’s the future of meetings.

            — Forbes

Our story

Peter Solimine was an undergraduate student at Tulane University when the pandemic hit. Students were notified all classes would be online and classrooms would be replaced by Zoom.

Peter, who enjoyed sleeping late just as much as the next college student, decided this was a golden opportunity to use his knowledge of python script to develop a program that would not only record early morning online classes, but actually “attend” on his behalf. A fan of the movie “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off,” Peter added a video loop of himself so it would appear as though he was attending himself – something modern-day Ferris would certainly have endorsed. Peter could then watch the videos at a later time, and no one was the wiser. He got to sleep late and attend class. Bingo.

Peter soon realized he was onto something a lot bigger than a Ferris Bueller-inspired class-cutting technology. He could take Beulr a step further and create a platform with far greater potential. Predicting online meetings would become the de facto standard post-pandemic, he began the development and deployment of an end-to-end, scalable solution for the capture and management of online meetings. This was the birth of next-generation Beulr.

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