How to recruit candidates effectively? Record your interviews to improve your HR skills (Beulr Shorts)


The Covid 19 pandemic hit the entire world very hard. Various sectors of the economy had suffered large shortfalls due to the worldwide lockdown imposition. Due to this, many activities had to be carried out online such as working, shopping, and studying. Recruitment is a sector which also saw its fair share of online hiring. For some, this is a preferred method of working but for most people, it reduces the efficiency in hiring. 

Major problems with online recruiting processes

Large Number of Responses is a well known problem people face.Your job ad might possibly be seen by everyone in the globe with internet connection, so you could receive a large number of unqualified applications. You'll need to spend time reviewing each application, time you might not actually have. To minimise unsolicited applications, be cautious how you frame your job ad and be as clear as possible about the job tasks and credentials you're looking for.

1. Problems with Technology - If your online recruitment software includes filling out an application, you may lose potential individuals who would prefer to send a résumé. Some applicants may not want to spend the time or may be unconvinced about the security of an online application, especially if they are completing a lengthy application on a mobile device. There's always the chance that your application system will run slowly or lose data throughout the submission procedure.

2. Exceedingly impersonal - As there is no face-to-face physical connection with virtual recruiting, candidates may feel the process too disconnected. Employers may discover that by providing communication options throughout the recruitment process, they will be able to connect more successfully with prospects in a virtual setting than they would have while recruiting traditionally.

Even though conversing online might relieve stress and save time, it may wind up costing you. Online sourcing tactics are less personal than phone or face-to-face sourcing, which may turn off some talented people. Communicating online may sometimes present a very different impression of a candidate than seeing them in person. If you're going to contact the candidate online, make sure you're both on the same page.

How to use transcription for better recruiting processes

A method to increase the efficiency of online recruitment is to record interview calls. By recording calls, the recruiter can pick up on pieces of information that they might have missed during the call, pay closer attention to what was being said and can clarify misunderstandings in a clearer manner. Companies tend to pay close attention to recording interviews during the online hiring process by investing in software that does the work with minimum human effort. These investments lead to the best talent acquisition. 


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