Become a better consultant. Best ways to instantly impress clients.


In today's global, work-from-home business environment, in-person meetings are frequently being replaced by conference calls and video chats. Modern business communications software allows team members who live on different sides of the world to come together online to share ideas, delegate tasks, and collaborate on projects. With this shift in communication mediums, there are challenges but also opportunities. For example, now one has the benefit of recording meetings or sharing call transcripts with their clients. This not only helps one to improve the efficiency of their company but also in creating a good impression in front of one’s clients.

Steps to becoming a better consultant in the internet age

One must recognize that the participants in a meeting might quickly and easily exchange words. However, a few days later, nobody remembers the details. As a meeting master, one can record the facts in black and white, leaving no room for speculation. Thus, one defines the baseline for the subsequent steps in the project. Studies have proven that information that was written and recorded stays longer in the memory than when solely spoken.

By sharing the meeting notes, one could better reiterate the topics discussed. Subsequently, one can synthesise the relevant knowledge and share essential insights to the client, making one an indispensable person to have. Through repeated participation and notes taking, one develops further expertise, which makes one an important person, especially on customer projects.

Furthermore, these mechanisms aid in increasing transparency in the company. Roughly 66% of today’s consumers say that brand transparency is one of the top things they seek when deciding who to do business with. When one has sharable call transcripts on hand, one can easily email them out to stakeholders, board members, customers, and other clients. Not only does this improve the company’s reputation, but it also makes the consumers feel more valued and included in their daily operations. This level of transparency allows one to prevent or quickly clear up miscommunications.

Sharing the call transcripts with the clients can also help in improving the efficiency of medical consultations and therapeutic sessions. Reiterating the steps to be followed for one’s recovery would reflect the commitment of the doctor or the therapist and also help the client to follow these steps in a systematic and consistent manner. It will further help in fostering a trustful relationship between the doctor and the patient.

In addition to this, sharing meeting notes with the clients can also help in improving one’s website SEO i.e. the Search Engine Optimization, which is what helps to get one’s company’s website to rank higher in search results and get more site visits from the people who are the most likely to buy their product or service.  One way to improve one’s SEO strategy is to upload their transcriptions to the company’s website. Not only does reading longer content like this keep visitors on one’s website for longer, but it also provides an opportunity to include more keywords on one’s website. Moreover, this also gives an opportunity to potential clients to get an inside look at exactly how their company operates.

In addition to providing management with information about employees, transcripts are also an excellent way to learn more about one’s  customers. Reviewing transcripts of client meetings or even internal meetings with one’s market research team helps one to understand recurring customer pain points, desired products or services, and what they expect from their brand. These transcripts can also offer valuable insight when it comes to trend forecasting, customer demographics, and improving one’s sales pitches and employee training.

In consonance with accessibility laws like the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), there exists an obligation for businesses to accommodate people with disabilities. Transcripts are one tool that companies can use to improve access for employees and consumers who are deaf or hard of hearing. However, it’s important to ensure that transcripts are fairly accurate for this use. Therefore, when one systematically assesses the benefits associated with an innovation like this, one can certainly turn to these mechanisms to enhance the performance of one’s consultation firm or company. Thus, reaffirming the stance that softwares like Beulr are a catalyst in aiding one to become a better online consultant and instantly impress one’s clients.


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